Silo logistics

It is not rare that differences occur in production processes between producers of raw materials and processing companies regarding the output and input of goods. These can often not be matched because of technical or cost reasons. One of these differences occurs in the filling of sacks or big bags with raw materials or raw commodities and also the need for silo goods for further processing. For this reason the large mills process cereals, plastics too, with filling systems that are designed for connecting to silo vehicles. This saves time and personnel and allows for efficient quality control. We offer silo logistics so that you can bridge this discrepancy for your products.

From big bag to the silo

Particularly in the area of raw materials, but not only there, these products are filled into sacks or big bags by the agricultural companies or in the agricultural cooperatives. Many foreign companies also choose this form of packaging and shipment. We can cut the sacks and big bags for you together with filling the silo vehicles from these, so that process-conform delivery to the final recipient can occur. Of course we will observe the GMP regulations for the shipment of goods in the animal feed and food industry.

Flexibility through silos

In comparison to sacks and big bags, silo products prove to be more user-friendly, whereby we, with our multi-chamber silo vehicles, are in a position to transfer differing raw and basis materials at the same time and to deliver these to the customer. If desired, the transferred products can be weighed, and we can create the delivery documentation accordingly. This offers the customer the highest flexibility for their production technology.

Alongside the area of agro-industry, ever more plastics processing companies, chemical or pharmaceutical companies as well as wood processing companies are dependent on the delivery of the required granulate, chippings or powder by silo vehicles.

With our service for transferring raw and basis materials into silo vehicles, we ensure a constant flow of material on your behalf. Contact us.