Services in logistics

A logistical chain does not only consist of the movement of goods from one point to the next. Within this chain, or line, various corresponding services can be done that save a lot of additional effort. In this way, not only the supply chain is optimised, but also quality loss is reduced, and at the same time money is saved through the avoidance of unnecessary effort and the use of third parties. Our services fulfil the criteria for optimised supply chains.

B2B und retail

What happens after the production of products and goods? Generally, shipment to the final customer or to the intermediate trade. However, the products need to be prepared for this in order to become attractive for the customer, or to meet their expectations.

Stuffing and stripping of containers

Sales optimisation is only one point though. General goods handling is another category, whereby one individuality has to be observed, particularly in the trade of container goods. Predominantly in the Asian area, containers are loaded with non-palletised consignments for space reasons. The unloading cannot occur with material handling equipment. It requires manpower, just the same as the loading of the containers requires special attention. In both cases we offer stuffing and stripping of containers.

Services in depth

With "in depth" we mean the diving into goods, in order to prepare these. Like the labelling or marking of goods or products according to your instructions. Placing labels for product marking, price labelling or product security (RFID-Labels). We can also sort products for you in accordance with your instructions, or repack the goods from bulk packaging to sales subsets. We also offer an additional service in this area.

Display construction

Wholesalers and producers offer retail-optimised advertising packaging for placing in sales rooms. These displays have to be filled with goods. We are your partner for this too.

» » We are your forwarding company that not only transports goods, but also optimises them.