Quality control

Long before the introduction of the certification in accordance with ISO 9001 et.seq., high regard was placed on the quality of goods, especially in germany, because high quality is important for the final product. Today quality checks are an important part of certification of different companies, in order, for example, to back-trace goods and products. The checking and documentation of the products takes place in every processing company, beginning from raw material creation through to processing and finally on to the trade. In between the manufacturing, further processing or retailing companies, we transport your goods and products. Why not let us do the quality control then?

What we can do!

Every product or goods have specific characteristics whose quality presents a factor in further processing or in sale. Part of this are, amongst other things:

  • The age of the product
  • The purity of the product
  • Colour, volume or density of the product
  • Packaging of the product

These characteristics can change so markedly in production or even transport that the agreement between seller and buyer is no longer valid.

Our quality control

With our quality checks in accordance with your instructions we can make sure that that you know what you are getting even before the goods arrive at your company.

Our service encompasses spot checks as well as the check of each and every batch upon arrival. Samples can also be taken if the charging of the goods is of no importance for further processing.

Furthermore, the samples are sent to independent or customer laboratories, depending on instructions. We also work with the relevant authorities like the Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety of Lower Saxony (LAVES) where necessary.

In our warehousing infrastructure there is, of course, a quarantined store that prevents the withdrawal or shipment of the goods to be checked.

We also do general quality checks of all received goods that show obvious damage or contamination.

» » The quality assurance of your goods begins with us, your forwarding company.