As part of our service offer for storing your goods and products, the possibility exists for you to have your products commissioned and packed by us. Amongst other things we take over the packing of your goods like the individual arrangement of pallets or consignments. After this the goods can remain on call in storage or be sent directly to you customers or business partners by our forwarding department, nationally, within Europe or equally throughout the world.

Unburden trade and production

One characteristic of the goods industry is the manufacture of products in high piece numbers, which are stored in production companies, often in in large units. The amounts generally do not correspond to the number of pieces that are desired by customers or business partners. Either the products have to be broken down into sales subsets, or a processing company needs certain packaging volumes for production. If there is no contract packaging, or the goods are delivered from abroad in large units, repackaging in accordance with the order or contracts has to take place in order to send the exact delivery amounts. Why not take the direct route and contract us as your forwarding company to do the repackaging. The advantages are clear to see.

Forwarding and commissioning

Your own warehouse will be unburdened by our commissioning service, and the shipment of the subsets from your production or bulk quantities delivered from abroad is done by our forwarding agency, hence directly from a transhipment area which reduces delivery times considerably. You relieve the strain on your warehouse and we arrange the shipment packages and ship these to your customers and business partners in accordance with your wishes.

Your goods, shipped by us

The commissioning takes place in accordance with your instructions. Part of this is:

  • Packing boxes
  • Address labels
  • Individual labelling of the products
  • Insertion of brochures and other printed material where ordered
  • Precautionary measures like the addition of drying materials

Our product commissioning is your success.