Sliding floor shipments

In agriculture, "moving floors" on trailers have long been in use. These are often used as chain conveyors for distributing fertiliser or for discharging straw or hay. The sliding floor system, also known as walking floor system, has been adapted for transport logistics.

Sliding floor transport: time-saving in every way

We are on the go with our self-unloading trailers both nationally and internationally for the agricultural industry. We transport bulk goods every day with about 30 vehicles, partially or directly from the field to the processing in the animal feed or food industry. Transportation using sliding floor transport has many advantages, one of which is space saving loading and unloading. The raw materials can be brought through the tractor-trailer’s open roof and discharged to the unloading area without the additional use of floor conveyors. The trailer does not have to be tipped or hydraulically raised for this, meaning that no larger free space is needed other than the truck’s own clearance height. Our vehicle’s trailers are partially equipped with side doors so as to enable side loading and unloading where necessary.

Bulk materials, bails or pallets

Although sliding floor haulage is used primarily for the transport of lighter bulk materials, the system of moveable floors also allows for the conveyance of other materials. Of course the sliding floor is the ideal vehicle for agricultural raw materials like:

  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Soya

Whereby, of course, GMP regulations are complied with. Equally, plastic granulate in differing grain size or pressed bails, big bags and palletised goods can also be transported using our sliding floor trailers. The "walking floor" always allows a comfortable and simple way of loading and unloading, even when the space available is cramped, or when certain loading and unloading aids are not available. Our experienced and well trained drivers know what is best.

We are your partner for the national and trans-national transport of high value raw materials under controlled conditions.