Planned shipments

Planned shipments are the ideal way to ship conventional, non-temperature-controlled goods or loads. Inexpensive and fast: whether daily from Flensburg to Garmisch or London to Vienna. We make sure that your goods arrive where they are needed at the right time in the right quantity; simply just in time.

Mega semi-trailers, rolling warehouses

The automobile industry’s production sites are distributed throughout Europe, something that gives rise to logistical requirements for both suppliers and car manufacturers. The characteristic feature of such requirements is exact delivery timings. With our mega semi-trailers, which have an internal height of 3 metres and a loading volume of up to 100 m3, we can transport your shipment just in time as well as just in sequence. One of the tasks on behalf of large automobile producers and suppliers, which more or less constitute our daily bread.

Planned shipments for machinery and plant engineering

Besides the automotive industry, machinery and plant engineering is one of the main elements of german industry. Made in Germany is in demand nationally as well as internationally. We make our regular vehicle fleet available for the planned shipment of you plant and machinery. The advantages will convince you:

  • Satellite-supported vehicle tracking
  • Constant communication between driver and dispatcher
  • Additional scheduling is always available
  • Flexible features and equipment

Our vehicle units, which correspond to the latest technical standards, operate on national as well as international routes in the area of full as well as partial loads. The various vehicle types, as well as their equipment, allow for a wide spectrum of loads. Where necessary the vehicles are equipped with hydraulic ramps or truck mounted forklifts.

Connecting industries with each other

Transport logistics is the part of the goods industry, which connects processing industry centres with each other. This is where we see our task. With our planned shipments we make sure that that there is a constant flow of goods, raw materials and machines that get where they need to be punctually and inexpensively.