Container shipments

More than two thirds of the all trans-border goods and freight transports globally take place today by means of container shipments. In 2013 more than 15 million TEU were processed in the two major German container ports of Hamburg and Bremen alone, whereby one TEU corresponds to a 20-foot container. Without question, container shipments have revolutionised global trade. The unbelievable quantities are only possible because the container is not only a secure mode of transport, but is also an excellent means of storage, suited to each mode of transport on water, road and tracks. Amongst other things, we can offer daily container shipments to Hamburg and Bremerhaven using our own equipment with 20, 30, 40 or 45 ft. containers, no matter whether Reefer (refrigerated or climatic container) or standard containers.

Part of this is, of course, the use of the Bremen port telematics (B H T entry) a special feature of Bremen und Bremerhaven which makes registering shipments easier. If the container, which, by the way, was invented in 1956 and whose dimensions were defined by ISO in 1961, accelerates freight shipment enormously, it is the combination of digital technology and highly developed trans-loading processes that shorten the freight times. This begins at the time of loading the containers and the completion of the necessary freight papers. Digital data transfer as well as machine-readable labels accelerate the formerly long processes in the freight offices and in the port and customs authorities.

Shipping companies: Direct contact

Direct contact to shipping companies that operate ships on the world’s most important trading routes is, of course, also an important condition for the smooth processing of container shipments. As a longstanding international freight forwarder, we have these contacts and know which shipping companies are most suited to your freight.

Transport by means of containers

Shipping using containers does not only mean storing goods in large metal containers and then shipping them somewhere. As already mentioned, every container, depending on its size and shape, is its own transportable warehouse in which special climatic conditions can be created. In this way, it is easily possible to ensure that air humidity in the container is limited even in the case of tropical destinations and long sea journeys. This is a particularly important aspect, especially in the dispatch of machines and plant. Equally, the container can be used as a ripening store, which accelerates or slows down specific processes with fruits and vegetables.

The container offers many possibilities, not only for the secure shipment over long distances, but also for the stability or finishing of products regarding freshness and consistency.

» We can inform you, without any obligation, about the nearly unlimited possibilities offered by the container.