Transport logistics international / Transport logistics national

Our core business in transport logistics is national as well as international partial and complete loads. We organise and undertake shipments in accordance with your instructions and, of course, in accordance with legal regulations for the goods to be transported and by the means of transport, nationally as well as throughout Europe, or worldwide.

Transportation by truck still remains the most effective means for transport logistics within Europe. We offer the shipment of complete truckloads as well as the possibility of loads of single pallets or piece freight.

Individual vehicles are made available in order to realise these shipments which correspond to the customer’s requirements, of course taking into account the customer’s special wishes and instructions as well as the legal frameworks.

We have differing kinds of vehicles and can offer a wide range of services regarding the differing kinds of shipment that are able to satisfy practically all demands.

Satellite-supported vehicle positioning

Of course our vehicles have a satellite-supported positioning system, which enables tracking of freight at any time. An important point for managing internal processes in today’s age of exact delivery times. Production in the automotive industry, for example, would be unimaginable without material deliveries just in time or just in sequence. We ensure that your materials get to the right place at the right time and in the right quantities.

Transport logistics: Airfreight and sea freight

In the growing market of transport logistics, the worldwide shipment of air or sea freight constitutes a focal point, which, in turn, underlies special regulations that demand expert working knowledge. Parts of this are the varying regulations of the exporting country as well as the legal requirements of the importing country. Additionally there are internationally specifications to be observed and not least the stipulations of the exporting shipping companies or airfreight operators.

Particularly in the area of international freight transport that crosses continents, there are often not only the laws and regulations published on paper, but also unwritten laws of the country or customs authority that have to be observed. Logistics is everywhere, without doubt, but sometimes it underlies the most different rules of play, which do not necessarily appear in paper form. This is why specialists are needed that know the business; who know the transport routes, but also know where the pitfalls are and how these are best avoided.

We are the forwarding company at your side, that transports your goods safely, punctually and in accordance with your instructions, making sure that it arrives safely and punctually where it should, whether this is in the local region or abroad. A pallet or several 40 foot containers.
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