Workshop: Own truck workshop

As of a certain size, it is worth having an own vehicle fleet because the savings regarding maintenance costs are lower in an own truck workshop than if the work was outsourced. As a large forwarding company we have our own professional truck and repair work primarily on our own vehicle fleet of about 300 vehicles. Commercial vehicles are not only placed under an above-average strain, the legal requirements like the German technical inspection TÜV & SP have to be completed more often and are not only intended for commercial vehicles. In our workshop for trucks we also do services and repairs for non-customers.

Safe on the road

A well-maintained vehicle fleet ensures safety on the road as well as the constant operational readiness of the vehicle fleet. Part of this is the requirement for maintaining legal inspection periods like the main service and the safety check that are prescribed for trucks with a weight of above 7.5 tonnes and for trailers above 10 tonnes. Equally important is the vehicle equipment like the speedometer and the trip recorder. Our truck workshop also carries out the following checks and maintenance work for you vehicles, including TüV & SP technical inspections:

  • Undercarriage
  • Chassis
  • Couplings
  • Steering
  • Tyres, wheels
  • Brakes
  • Speedometer

Our workshop is part of our service for you.

Master obligation

Even after the changes and modifications to the rules for craftsmen, the management of a vehicle workshop still underlies the obligation to be done by a car mechanic master craftsman. This results from the high technical demands and expert technical knowledge needed for modern vehicles, their maintenance and repair.

There are additional requirements for the maintenance of commercial vehicles as truck transport has extended content that has to be observed. Part of this is the special workshop infrastructure. We offer you the know-how as to how to keep you vehicle ready for operation and technically up-to-date.