Rail Transport China

Anyone who believes that the Silk Road is a legend of the past is now being taught otherwise by China and Europe. In addition to the well-known sea routes, with long transport times of three weeks and more, 4 to 5 trains now travel weekly from China to Hamburg on the China-Europe express railway. Each train consists of 41 containers of 40 feet each. It is part of the new Silk Road between the Orient and the Occident. This new Silk Road will be expanded in the coming years and capacities will be significantly increased. The advantages are obvious. Shorter transport times are one. Another is that only one or two transportation systems are used: freight trains and trucks. Both systems are very compatible with each other and have an excellent infrastructure both in China and in Europe. Cargo handling in overseas ports, which is often expensive, is no longer necessary. This makes it possible to offer favourable freight rates and at the same time calculate freight times that are roughly midway between sea and air freight times.

Rail Transport China - get on board

The Hamburg transhipment terminal serves to distribute containers from China throughout Europe both as FCL (Full Container Load) and in partial shipments (LCL - Less than Container Load). Of course, this also works the other way round, with the transhipment point in Zhengzhou, in the province of Henan, China. This city, with 8.5 million inhabitants, is located far in the east of China and is an important economic metropolis with a focus on mechanical engineering, as well as a supra-regional traffic hub. In Zhengzhou, goods and products from all over China are consolidated and compiled into container trains headed for Hamburg.

You too can benefit from this fast and inexpensive interurban connection between Europe and China

We offer you an all-round service including both the export and import of goods to and from China. Our services include the collection of your freight at your location, customs clearance and loading. Freight can also be accepted as an additional or partial container load. We organize transport to Hamburg and proper handling from wherever in Europe your freight is picked up.

With Rail Transport China, we also ensure that merchandise or goods you order from the Far East are properly declared in Germany and transported on to you. We have been working intensively with the Chinese terminal operator in Zhengzhou, ZIH, since 2014, and have since then been able to establish a productive network that considerably facilitates the transport of goods on both sides.

Goods received faster from the ‘Middle Kingdom’ - Rail Transport China

Of course, air freight is still the fastest way to receive goods from China. However, it is also by far the most expensive means of transport and only suitable for a limited range of goods.

Rail transport, on the other hand, is quite different and allows practically every type of cargo to be transported, just as in cargo shipping. For example, the latest mobile phone model that you can offer faster than your competitors thanks to short freight times, or a complete packaging line that you urgently need for your company. Let us convince you of the advantages of the new Silk Road and the future viability of this project between two of the world's largest trading powers. Open up your market in China with our help, whether you’re looking for new products or for new sales markets, for the most populous country on earth has a constantly growing middle class with high purchasing power. Find out more now.