Schwarzer Spedition Team

With us, people work for people. Even if, in business life, an impression is made that only companies communicate with institutions or authorities, there are personalities in the background, that, with their expert knowledge and competence, ensure that in the end, goods and merchandise from production and trade are made available that enrich our daily lives. Both we and our employees see ourselves as being a productive and efficient link in this chain, from people to people.

Keyword know-how

A young & dynamic team, with their energy and fresh ideas, keep the ball rolling or, symbolic for our company, keep the wheels turning. Alongside youthful vitality, a solid apprenticeship is an integral part of this, because this expert knowledge is important in all industries today. We train our staff ourselves and we are always on the lookout for employees, who, on the basis of their training, but also their character, can integrate themselves into our team. In the same way that we support logistical processes with our services, our team members support each other in order to process the individual elements of an order.

Nothing is possible without specialists

The complex field of freight forwarding and logistical processes requires people who know their business. Particularly our dispatchers, as logistics experts, have years of experience in all areas of freight transport, both national and international. But also our professional truck drivers, our warehousing specialists or our mechatronics technicians in our warehouses and the workshop know their profession inside out - and a little bit more too.