History of Schwarzer Spedition


The history of our company began more than 100 years ago in today’s polish town of Bystrzyca Kłodzka, formerly named Habelschwerdt. It was the year 1913, a very uneasy time with the First World War looming on the horizon. Even so, Heinrich Schwarzer had the courage to establish his company Heinrich Schwarzer – Motorfahrzeuge. A company that first concentrated on the repair of trucks and cars in the then Silesia.

More than 100 years of Schwarzer Spedition

In these 100 hundred years there were many ups and downs for our company. Heinrich Schwarzer managed to expand his company to 20 employees by the end of the Second World War At the end of the war Habelschwerdt became part of the Russian occupied area and Josef Schwarzer, son of the founder, started again in the West from nothing, in the Lower Saxonian parish of Steinfeld. The new company was founded as early as 1946, this time as a freight company whereby an old German army truck, a Ford V8, created the foundation.
Three years later the first new vehicle arrived, a Büsing with diesel motor, which was more economical than the original petrol-driven Ford.
Our positioning towards the agricultural sector, which had already existed, was reinforced by the purchase of a silo vehicle in 1965. At this time the son in third generation, Joachim Schwarzer, was working in the company.

Things get tight on the old place

In 1966 a plot of land was made available in Handorfer Straße and workshops as well as an office building were built there.
In the year 1990 Schwarzer Spedition’s family history continued with the accession of Klaus Schwarzer. It was at this time that our field of business was extended to warehousing. The second large warehouse was built.

New times

After the turn of the century, in the year 2003, Rolf Schwarzer, the brother of Klaus Schwarzer joined the company.
In the year 2014 a further building extended the warehouse area.
We currently have over 120 own vehicles, about 60 000 sqm of forwarding terminal as well as about 10000 sqm of warehouse and we employ more than 200 employees.