Environmental protection - responsible logistics

We are in the focus of critics. Of course we are aware of the burden of overland transport to the environment, but we also know that that there is no other viable alternative for covering the requirements of the economy regarding goods and products. Through various measures we are able to reduce the emission of environmentally damaging gases and we ensure for the reduction in consumption of important resources by means of ideas and other provisions.

Environmental protection in our forwarding company

The latest engine technology, which is used in our vehicles, reduces the CO² emissions considerably. Different engine variations are used which correspond to the freight weight in order to avoid both under and overpowering where possible.

Well thought through route planning is also part of our company’s environmental protection policy, which for example, by-pass traffic jam stricken routes as well as using piggyback transports over the Alps or combined transportations.
Our drivers are specially trained to drive in a diesel saving manner.

Environmental protection not only on the road

Just like in the vehicles, we implement environmentally protective measures in our buildings. For this reason we have photovoltaic units for the production of regenerative power on those parts of our roofs, which are suitable.
However, not only have such capital-intensive investments ensured a proverbially friendly climate with us. In our working areas, recyclable materials are separated and introduced into the recycling process.
Working materials of varying kinds are used in the vehicles and in the workshops and warehouses. A sensible choice and use of these also assist in the reduction of the environmental burden.
Even in this digital "paperless" age, large quantities of print outs are made in the offices of any forwarding company. This is kept to a minimum with us.